AVO Biddle Repair

AVO Biddle Repair and Calibration Service – all models


Our experienced repair specialists repair and calibrate all instrumentation meters, including AVO Biddle repair. We offer rush and standard repair service for AVO Biddle Instruments products such as the excellent Biddle analog meters, analog megohmmeters, low resistance micro-ohm meters, Biddle  high voltage Biddle meters, appliance testers, oil test sets, 5kv megohmmeters, 10kv megohm-meters, 1kv megohmmeter, dlro, hipot testers and much more!


For more information on AVO Biddle Repair or calibration service, simply fill out our  QUICK QUOTE FORM  for our rapid response service! Most responses are within one hour!

  212159  1 kV Insulation Resistance Tester

212359  1 kV Insulation Resistance Tester

218651CL  5 kV Insulation Resistance Tester

220072  70 kV DC Hipot

220123  120 kV DC Hipot

246002B  Battery Impedance Tester

247001  Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

247001-3  Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

247120  Current Source for 247001-3

250202  Digital Ground Resistance Tester

50611  Mini CT For PMM-1

550005  Single Phase TTR

550503  Three Phase TTR

651071  Cable Locator

672001  Insulation Power Factor Test Set

673001  Insulation Power Factor Test Set

830280  Transformer Ohmmeter

CB845  Circuit Breaker Test Set

CBS-1  Breaker Stab Set

CBS-2  Breaker Stab Set

CBS-7  Stab Adaptor

CP-20CE  20 Amp Current Transformer

CTER91  Current Transformer Test Set

DDA-1600  Circuit Breaker Test Set

DDA-6000  Circuit Breaker Test Set

DET20C  Earth/Ground Resistance Tester

DLRO-10X  Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

DLRO-H200  Microhm meter

MEG-10-01  10 kV Insulation Tester

MPRT  Protective Relay Test System

MS-2A  Circuit Breaker and Overload Relay Test Set

MS2  Circuit Breaker and Overload Relay Test Set

OTS60PB 60-kV Portable Oil Test Set

PA9Plus  Portable Power Analyzer

PMM-1  Power Multimeter Multi-Function Measuring Instrument

PS-9116  Circuit Breaker Test Set

PULSAR Universal Protective Relay Test System

S1-1052/2 10 kV Insulation Tester

S1-1054/2 10 kV Insulation Tester

S1-552/2 5 kV Insulation Tester

S1-554/2 5 kV Insulation Tester

SMRT36 Three Phase Relay Test Set

TTR100 Single Phase TTR

All   PFL Series portable fault locating equipment
































































































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The older Megger meters and discontinued Biddle Megger Meters are available for Biddle Megger repair service and Biddle Megger calibration services for Megger Test Instruments such as Megger BM25, Megger BM11, Megger BM11D, Megger BM21, Megger Meg10-01, Megger 218650, Megger DET3/2, Megger DET5/4D, Megger DET5/4R, Megger DET62D, Megger LT300 series, Megger LT3, Megger LT7, Megger LT5, Megger LT310, Megger LT320, Megger LT330, Megger M7027, Megger PAT32, Megger SCT fiber optic tester, Megger 218621, Megger 218651, Megger BMM80, Megger OTS60PB, Biddle 72-6349, Biddle 72-6340, Biddle 72-6346-1, Biddle 71-631, Biddle 71-650, Biddle 72-4330-6, Megger 246052 Hydrometer, Megger 250202 ground tester, Megger 247000-47 DLRO, Megger 247000-NIST, Megger 247001-11, Megger 359986 Tachometer, Megger 655603, Megger BM50, Megger BM21, Megger BM122, Megger BM121, Megger BM221, Megger BM222, Megger BM223, Megger BM400, Megger BM412, Megger BM432, Megger BM802, Megger BM812, Megger BMM2000, Megger BMM200010, Megger BMM2080, Megger BMM2500, Megger BMM503, Megger BMM80, Megger BT51240, Megger BVA70, Megger CFL800E, Megger CWT150, Megger CXT100, Megger DET10C, Megger DET20C, Megger 250260, Megger Delta, Megger DCM100P, Megger DCM104R, Megger DCM2033, Megger DCM2039, Megger DCM204R, Megger DET32, Megger DET3TA, Megger DET4TC, Megger DET4TCR, Megger DET4TD, Megger Meg1001, Megger MPM2000H, Megger MS2, Megger LWT315, Megger LWT325, Megger LWT335, Megger LWT425, Megger MIT410TC, Megger MIT430TC, Megger LCR121, Megger MLS1000, Megger MLS635, Megger MIT520 and all other AVO Biddle Megger obsolete and discontinued Megger Instrument Meter Testers. We provide Megger repair for ALL current and discontinued Megger Meters for some categories such as: Megger insulation testers, Megger 5 kV insulation testers, Major Megger Insulation Testers, Megger DC Dielectric Test Sets such as Megger 220005, Megger 220015, Megger MIT30, Megger Megohmmeters such as Megger 210400, Megger 210415, Megger ground testers such as: Megger DET series, Megger DET14C, Megger DET24C, Megger DET3TD, Megger DET3TC, Megger DET4TD2, Megger DET4TR2, Megger DET4TC2, Megger DET4TCR2, Megger 250202 high sensitivity digital ground tester, Megger AC High Pot Testers, Megger AC/DC High Pot Testers, Megger Voltage Detectors, Megger phase detectors, Megger voltage/phasing detectors, Megger Multimeters, Megger clampmeters, Megger tachometers, Megger test leads, Megger cable height meters, Megger TDR, Megger Time Domain Reflectometers, Megger SCT, Megger Structured wiring testers, megger Telecom tester, Megger TTR, Megger Transformer Turns Ratio Testers, Megger 550005B, Megger TTR500, Megger TTR900, Megger DLRO, Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters, Megger Ohmmeters, Megger MOM2, Megger DLRO ohmmeter, Megger 3 Phase Sequence Testers, Megger sequence tester, Megger Thickness Gauge, Megger Ultrasonic Leak Detector, Megger Corona Detector, Megger AC Loop Tester, Megger Battery Test Equipment, Megger BITE, Megger BITE2, Megger BITE3, Megger BITE2P, Megger 246004, Megger 246002B, Megger Structure Cable Testers such as, Megger SCT1500, Megger SCT2000, Megger SCT-MMA, Megger SCT-SMA, Megger SCT+ MMA+SMA, Megger SCT+MMA, Megger SCT+SMA, Megger TechMate HT1000-A, Megger HT1000-C, Megger HT1000-CH, Megger HT, Megger Wattmeter plus much, much more. Contact us today for a confidential quote.



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