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Industrial Electronics Repair

Rohde and Schwarz Repair

Rohde and Schwarz Scope / Analyzer Repair Services

Rohde and Shwarz VNA Vector Network Analyzer Repair

Rohde Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer Repair

Allen Industries has the ability to test, repair, and calibrate Rohde and Schwarz Vector Network Analyzers also known as VNA Analyzers. Our engineers and electronic technicians have repaired a large amount of Rohde and Schwarz electronics equipment and possess the ability to troubleshoot down to surface mount technology. If you are in need of a Rohde and Schwarz repair please fill out our Quick Quote Form to get started.

Rohde and Schwarz Network Analyzer Repair

Our electronics technicians have found that Rohde and Schwarz Network Analyzers are crucial to finding troublesome glitches in hi-speed network traffic.  As a result of the importance of smooth clean network traffic Network Analyzers have appeared and Network Analyzers are some of the most difficult instruments to repair. The high frequencies the Network Analyzers must analyze are even more difficult when the analyzer is faulty. The amount of feedback circuits can be overwhelming but our electronics technicians thrive in this atmosphere.

Rohde and Schwarz Signal Generator Repair

Rohde Schwarz Signal Generator Repair Services

Our electronics both use and repair Signal Generators and Network Analyzers in conjunction with each other. It is very important that our repair and test facility have the highest quality generators and analyzers to repair yours as accurately as possible. Our test facility also offers NIST calibration for ISO-9000 compliant companies. If you are in need of expert service and calibration please fill out our simple Quick Quote Form to begin the process.

Rohde and Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer Repair

Rohde and Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer Repair Services

The primary purpose of a Spectrum Analyzer is to measure the power of the spectrum of the signal. With the electrical characteristics of a Spectrum Analyzer it is imperative to have the proper simulators in the repair process. Our standards have been certified and are used to repair the analyzer from the beginning of the circuit to the end of the BNC connector for the highest level of accuracy possible.

Rohde and Schwarz Oscilloscope Repair

Rohde and Schwarz Oscilloscope Repair | Oscilloscope RepairOur electronics technicians have repaired a variety of Rohde and Schwarz oscilloscopes from the older vintage models to the new touch screen models. The designs have not change much other than the sophistication is second to none. The basic functionality and the architecture have been similar through the years and this is why our repair department is so familiar with their electronics design. Most Rohde and Schwarz parts are in stock to save our customer down time.

Field Service

We offer field service for repair of flow meter's, CNC machines, variable frequency drive's, industrial motors, servo drive's and servo motors, process control's and more...

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Calibration Services

We offer in house calibration services and field calibration with N.I.S.T. traceable calibration standards. Instrumentation, process controls, industrial controls, we have you covered. Read More

Motor Repair Sevices

We offer repair services for all motors including servo motors, spindle motor, AC motors, DC motors, resolvers, encoders, motor rewinding, bearing replacement and more.
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