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Megger DLRO Repair

Megger DLRO Repair

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Megger DLRO Repair

Allen Industries offers expert repair and calibration services for the Megger DLRO repair. Please fill out our Megger Quick Quote form and a friendly customer service associate will respond within the hour in most cases!


Megger DLRO Repair

Repair and calibration services for the Megger DLRO repair are offered. To receive a Megger DLRO Low Resistance Ohmmeter repair and/or calibration quotation please fill out the Megger Quick Quote form and a friendly customer service associate will respond to you usually within an hour! Standard and rush service is available as well as calibration. Once your Megger MIT515 insulation tester is received in a technician will evaluate your Megger DLRO Low Resistance Ohmmeter and will offer a formal quotation. Once the quotation is approved, a technician will disassemble the Megger unit, clean, troubleshoot and repair the unit. Once repairs are performed our technician will then load test the unit and calibrate to manufacturer specifications. All services are performed AFTER your approval.

1 review for Megger DLRO Repair

  1. Jack Hammond

    We have a DLRO200 that was left outdoors for who knows how long. Sent in for repair hoping it wasn’t all rusted inside. They responded with a quote and what they were going to do and returned it repaired and calibrated within two weeks. We got lucky or they did a great job. Came back looking like new.

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