Precision Rated Optics Repair Service

Precision Rated Optics Repair Services 

PRO | Precision Rated Optics Fiber Optic Analyzer Repair

Precision Rated Optics OTDR RepairOur technicians understand the importance of network analyzer accuracy. Also the ability to provide test results on a preventive maintenance schedule and cable certification process is paramount for security and reliability. Our technicians provide accurate results in the repair process for network testers as well as industrial instrumentation. Accuracy and reliability are the factors involved in every repair in our facility.

Precision Rated Optics Fusion Splicer Repair

Precision Rated Optics Fusion Splicer Repair Services

Our technicians have repaired and utilized fiber optic splicers for over twenty years and began as most technical people do… If the meter fails, then we should repair it ourselves and we did with great results. We understand as engineers and electronic technicians we are only as good with our meters than without them. This is why we provide outstanding repair and calibration services because we need the same service within our facility.