Phenix technologies Repair ServicesPhenix Technologies Repair Services

At Allen Industries we strive to stay with or ahead of the electrical test and measure technology and provide for our employees the best calibration equipment, load testing apparatus, and the most accurate simulators possible. This not only provides our customers the best repair and most accurate calibration possible but also streamlines the repair process so return times are cut down extensively. Simply fill out our QUICK QUOTE Form to start the process!

Phenix Technologies Hipot/Megohmmeter Repair

Phenix Technologies is one of the few manufacturers to combine a hipot tester and a megohmmeter into one test instrument. At Allen Industries we are delighted to see a manufacturer actually cut the cost in half by providing one instrument instead of having to purchase two separate instruments. This saves money on initial purchase, repairs, calibrations, technicians carrying the instrument from one field site to another. We repair this meter as one meter not two so you will save money on maintenance too.

Phenix Tech Liquid/Oil Dielectric Test Set Repair

Our technicians not only repair liquid and loit test sets back to manufacturer specifications, we also clean every part of the instrument and decontaminate electrodes, electrical connections, potentiometers, switches, testing enclosure as well as the circuit boards (then clear conformal coat) making sure the test set is ready to test for years in the future.

Phenix Technologies Circuit Breaker Tester Repair

Circuit breaker testing is crucial for power companies to get a perspective on future maintenance thus ensuring minimal or no down time. Our technicians load test every voltage and current sensitive electronics and mechanical part in the circuit breaker tester not only repairing the circuit breaker tester but taking preventive maintenance down to the component level. If shopping around for a repair center ask the others if they perform these preventive maintenance procedures.