Portable Appliance Tester Repair and Calibration Service

Our service technicians have serviced and calibrated many portable appliance tester meters from many manufacturers, such as but not limited to Fluke, Sonel, Megger, Kyoritsu, Seaward, Robin SmartPat, Martindale and more!

Portable Appliance Tester repair and calibration service

Portable Appliance Tester repair and calibration service

If you would like information on a  portable appliance tester repair or calibration service,  Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and a customer service specialist will be in touch with you shortly. Usually within one hour!




We offer both Rush and Standard service for all current and discontinued portable appliance tester meters!









































































































































































































































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 Megger 235303 Repair           

235303  Tool & Appliance Tester

Megger 1001-366 Repair

Megger PAT320-US Repair

Portable Appliance Tester  

Megger PAT Tool & Appliance Tester 235303 repair and calibration, Megger PAT320 repair and calibration, Martindale Easy PAT 1600 repair and calibration, Seaward EUROPA-PLUS Portable Appliance Tester repair, Robin SmartPAT5000 repair, Fluke 6500 portable appliance tester repair