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Megger Phase Tester Repair

  Three Phase Sequence Tester /  Cable Phase Meter

We offer repair and calibration for all   three phase  testers,  sequence testers,  cable phase meters,  rotation testers,  and  phase sequence/continuity indicators. We service the Biddle 830220-1  Cable Phase Meter, the Biddle PSI-400 Phase Sequence Indicator, Biddle PSI-700 Phase Sequence Indicator, Biddle 560400 Phase/motor rotation tester and the Biddle  560060 Phase/motor rotation testers.

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Megger® Phase tester data information: The Megger® 560060 Motor and Rotation Phase Tester & Megger® 560400 Motor and Phase Rotation Tester provides a positive way to identify the leads of a disconnected polyphase motor; it also identifies true phase sequence of energized 60-Hertz ac power lines up to 600 volts. Both are necessary to ensure that a motor will rotate in a prescribed direction when energized. There are three other important uses for this unique testing device: it can determine the polarity of power and instrument transformers; it can identify phase and polarity of winding sections of multiple-winding (delta- and star connected) motors; and it can be used as a continuity tester in checking electrical circuits.

 The Megger® 830220-1 Cable Phasing Meter offers a safe and quick method of measuring voltage and determining phase rotation of underground distribution systems using the capacitance test point of elbow connectors. Most manufacturers of high-voltage cable terminators incorporate capacitance test points into their elbow connectors. These test points are designed for measuring purposes.

 The Megger PSI-700 Phase Sequence/Continuity Indicator provides positive identification of phase sequence of energized lines and indicates which phase, if any, is faulty.




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