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AVO Megger Micro-Ohmmeter Repair and Calibration Service

Megger DLRO Repair and Calibration Service

 Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter repair, micro-ohmmeter repair and calibration service is available for Many manufacturers ohmmeters and test instruments. We repair both current meters and test instruments and the obsolete and discontinued meters and test instruments.We offer rush repair service and standard digital low resistance ohmmeter, micro-ohmmeter repair services.

Megger 247001 Repair | Biddle DLRO Meter Repair

If you would like  digital low resistance ohmmeter, micro-ohmmeter,  DLRO – digital low resistance ohmmeter repair service for any manufacturer of ohmmeter, or micro-ohmmeter models, both current and obsolete product line of digital low resistance ohmmeters,  Milliohm meters, or any other meter, test equipment repair or calibration, simply fill out the Quick Quote form and a customer service specialist will be in touch with you shortly.



 Please contact our Friendly Customer Service Associates for your DLRO –  Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter inquiries. We look forward to working with you!

Megger 247000           247000           

MOM600A Repair and Calibration
MOM690A Repair and Calibration
MJOLNER series Micro ohmmeter Repair and Calibration
DLRO10 Repair and Callibration
DLRO 10X Repair and Calibration
Megger Low-Range/High-Current Megger 247100 and Megger 247101


Dual-Pak 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 247001           247001            Single-Pak 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 247002           247002            Single-Pak/Low Range 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 247000-11      247000-11       Dual-Pak 10 Amp DLRO; input voltage protection

Megger 247000-3-11  247000-3-11   Dual-Pak 10 Amp DLRO; input voltage protection

Megger 247001-11      247001-11       Single-Pak 10 Amp DLRO; input voltage protection

Megger 247001-3        247001-3         Single-Pak 10 Amp DLRO; 100 A adapator plug

Megger 247002-11      247002-11       Single-Pak/Low Range 10 Amp DLRO; input voltage protection

Megger 6410-979        Megger BT51/120        Milli-ohmmeter

Megger 6111-428        Megger DLRO10         Enhanced Features 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 6111-429        Megger DLRO10X      Enhanced Features 10 Amp DLRO with Data Storage/Downloading

Megger 1000-348        Megger DLRO10HD   Enhanced Features 10 Amp DLRO

Megger BD-59090       Megger BD-59090       Megger MOM2 + Probes

Megger BD-59092       Megger BD-59092       Megger MOM2 + Clamps

Megger DLRO200-EN            DLRO200-EN 200 Amp DLRO

Megger DLRO200-115           DLRO200-115            200 Amp DLRO – Smoothed Output

Megger MOM2    

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