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Dielectric Test Set Repair

Dielectric Test Set Repair service is available for manufacturers such as Tettex, Haefely-Hipotronics, Biddle Instruments and more!

We service the current and discontinued dielectric test sets and we offer rush and standard repair services.


Tettex 2830/2831 dielectric test set repair, Haefely-Hipotronics OC series, Haefely-Hipotronics OC E-series, Biddle instruments MIT30,  220005,  220015.

For a  Dielectric Test Set Repair quotation, or for other repair inquiries, Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and a service specialist will be in touch with you shortly! We look forward to providing you with fast, precise and friendly service!



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megger 220005 which is the 5kV dc Megger® dielectric tests, megger 220015 which is a 15kV Dc megger dielectric test set and a biddle MIT30  which is a 30kV Dc biddle dielectric test sets