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Megger OTS60PB Repair | Megger Oil Test Set Repair and Calibration

The insulation oil of voltage- and current-transformers fulfills the purpose of insulating as well as cooling. Thus, the dielectric quality of transformer oil is a matter of secure operation of a transformer. As transformer oil deteriorates through aging and moisture ingress, transformer oil should, depending on economics, transformer duty and other factors, be tested periodically.

Voltage breakdown in an electric arc during transformer oil testing on a BA75 Oil tester by b2hvVoltage breakdown during oil test transformer oil testing sequences and procedures are defined by various international standards. Power utility companies have a vested interest in periodic oil testing since transformers represent a large proportion of their total assets. Through such testing, transformers’ life can be substantially increased, thus delaying new investment of replacement transformer assets.  Oil Test Set Repair and calibration service for test instruments including the current Oil Tester Sets and also the obsolete & discontinued test instruments. For an Oil Test Set repair, Simply fill out the Quick Quote and a customer service specialist will be in touch with you shortly.


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Megger 6111-204        OTS60PB Repair         Automatic 60 kV Oil Test Set

Megger 6410-857        OTS60SX Repair         Semi-Auto 60 kV Oil Test Set


60 kV Semi-Automatic Oil Test Set     


New OTS60PB and OTS80PB

 New OTS60PB and OTS80PB

OTS60PB and OTS80PB 60 kV and 80 kV portable oil test set          

 MEGGER OTS60PB repair


 Megger OTSAF Series repair

60 kV, 80 kV and 100 kV Automatic laboratory oil test sets


New OTSAF series

6OTSAF 0 kV, 80 kV and 100 kV Automatic laboratory oil test sets




 megger repair

KF875 and KFLAB

Karl Fischer Moisture In Oil Test Sets

KF875 and KFLAB

Karl Fischer moisture in oil test sets KF875 and KFLAB

 oil test set repair

70/120/160 kV DC TEST SETS

70/120/160 kV DC Dielectric Test Sets

Megger OTS60PB 60 kV and Megger Oil Test Set OTS80PB 80 kV repair service

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