anritsu base station repair                 Meter Repair Service

  Allen Industries is your premiere source for  Meter service. Repair and Calibration Services including both current and discontinued  Electrical Testing equipment from many manufacturers. Although the meter manufacturers bring customers Dependable, Quality and Innovative  Test Instruments, All things require maintenance over time and we are your source.

We repair all manufacturers meter test instruments including obsolete meter testers. We provide calibration service for all test instruments.

Rush and standard megohmmeter repair service, current and discontinued meg-ohmmeters!

We offer meter repair service for the following categories, but not limited to:


  •  Hand Held Insulation Testers
  •  5kV Insulation Testers
  •  Major Megger Insulation Tester
  •  DC Dielectric Test Sets
  •  Megohmmeters
  •  Ground Testers
  •  AC & AC/DC High Pot Testers
  • Tool & Appliance Tester
  • Voltage/Phasing Detector
  • Time Domain Reflectometers
  • Cable Height Meters
  • Cable Locators/Tracers
  • Transformer Turns Ratio Tester
  • Oil Test Sets
  • Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters
  • Three Phase Sequence Testers
  • Ultrasonic Leak/Corona Detector
  • AC Loop Impedance Testers
  • Battery Test Equipment
  •  Structure Cable Tester SCT Series
  •  HT1000 TechMate Copper Wire Analyzer
  • pfl22m1500 repair
  •  pfl20m1500 repair
  • pfl40a-1500 repair
  • pfl40-2000 repair

The older and discontinued Biddle Megger Meters are available for Biddle Megger repair service and Biddle Megger calibration services for such Megger Test Instruments as Megger BM25, Megger BM11, Megger BM11D, Megger BM21, Megger Meg10-01, Megger 218650, Megger DET3/2, Megger DET5/4D, Megger DET5/4R, Megger DET62D, Megger LT300 series, Megger LT3, Megger LT7, Megger LT5, Megger LT310, Megger LT320, Megger LT330, Megger M7027, Megger PAT32, Megger SCT fiber optic tester, Megger 218621, Megger 218651, Megger BMM80, Megger OTS60PB, Biddle 72-6349, Biddle 72-6340, Biddle 72-6346-1, Biddle 71-631, Bidle 71-650, Biddle 72-4330-6, Megger 246052 Hydrometer, Megger 250202 ground tester, Megger 247000-47 DLRO, Megger 247000-NIST, Megger 247001-11, Megger 359986 Tachometer, Megger 655603, Megger BM50, Megger BM21, Megger BM122, Megger BM121, Megger BM221, Megger BM222, Megger BM223, Megger BM400, Megger BM412, Megger BM432, Megger BM802, Megger BM812, Megger BMM2000, Megger BMM200010, Megger BMM2080, Megger BMM2500, Megger BMM503, Megger BMM80, Megger BT51240, Megger BVA70, Megger CFL800E, Megger CWT150, Megger CXT100, Megger DET10C, Megger DET20C, Megger Delta, Megger DCM100P, Megger DCM104R, Megger DCM2033, Megger DCM2039, Megger DCM204R, Megger DET32, Megger DET3TA, Megger DET4TC, Megger DET4TCR, Megger DET4TD, Megger Meg1001, Megger MPM2000H, Megger MS2, Megger LWT315, Megger LWT325, Megger LWT335, Megger LWT425, Megger MIT410TC, Megger MIT430TC, Megger LCR121, Megger MLS1000, Megger MLS635, Megger MIT520 and all other AVO Biddle Megger obsolete and discontinued Megger Instrument Meter Testers.