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Our experienced Megger Meg10-01 Meter repair specialists continue to provide state of the art MEG10-01 meter insulation tester repair services. The  MEG10-01 insulation testers are available for repair plus we provide MEG10-01 calibration service.

For Meter repair information or Meter calibration information from any manufacturer, please fill out the quick quote fields and our  Meter repair specialists will get back with you shortly.




Besides for the Meg10 Meter repair, Allen Industries also provide meter repair for many manufacturers and models for  current and Obsolete Meter testers, including, but not limited to:

Watthour Test Equipment repair, Battery Test Equipment repair, Low Resistance Ohmmeter repair, Power Factor Test Equipment repair, Transformer Test Equipment repair, Insulation Resistance Tester repair repair, Ohmmeter repairPower Quality Test Equipment repair, Hipot Test Equipment repair, Portable Fault Locator repair, DLRO repair, Continuity Tester repair, Cable Height Meter repair, Cable Locator repair, Route Tracer repair, Megohmmeter repair, Portable Appliance Tester repair, Ground Resistance Tester repair, Voltage Detector repair, Transformer Detector repair, DC Test Set repair



Megger 247000 Dual Pak 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 247001  Single Pak 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 247002 Single Pak / Low Range 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 247100  Low Range / High Current DLRO

Megger 247120  100 Amp Power Supply for DLRO

Megger 247101   Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Megger BT51  Milli-ohmmeter  Megger Catalog # 6410-979

Megger DLRO10  Enhanced Features 10 Amp DLRO Megger Catalog # 6111-428

Megger DLRO10X Enhanced Features 10 Amp DLRO with Data Storage/Downloading : Megger Catalog # 6111-429

Megger DLRO10HD  Enhanced Features 10 Amp DLRO  Megger Catalog # 1000-348

Megger DLRO200-EN  200 Amp DLRO

Megger DLRO200-115  200 Amp DLRO

Megger MOM2   Megger Catalog # BD-59090 Micro-ohmmeter + Probes

Megger MOM2   Megger Catalog # BD-59092 Micro-ohmmeter + Clamps



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