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Allen Industries is a premier LeCroy electronics repair center repairing both legacy LeCroy oscilloscopes and analyzers as well as the current LeCroy oscilloscopes and signal analyzers. If you have a LeCroy product that is need of repair or ISO-9000 calibration please fill out our simple Quick Quote Form to begin the process.

LeCroy Oscilloscope Repair Services

Lecroy Oscilloscope Repair

LeCroy oscilloscope repair services consist of a myriad of issues our repair facility has seen through the years. From contamination on the IC boards to knobs,touch screens, memory, communication, potentiometers, cracked displays, noise interference, to broken jacks and portals. Fortunately our repair services have stocked these parts for future repairs to lessen the down time for our customers. Our electronics technicians are also customers of these oscilloscopes because they use them to test their repairs every day so familiarity is key to an accurate and long lasting repair.

LeCroy Data Analyzer Repair Services

LeCroy Data Analyzer Repair Services

Allen Industries electronics technicians have used and repaired data analyzers since trade school and the only difference is the speed and size of the semiconductors. Our repair services includes replacing microprocessors and any other SMT device that is causing errors. As a result of the experience we have gained over the years, we have also grown to realize that preventive component replacement is also key to a repair that will last for years.