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Keysight Spectrum Analyzer Repair Services

Allen Industries repair department take special care to evaluate, test, repair, and calibrate Keysight test and measurement electronics because the accuracy is paramount with these high technology laboratory grade analyzers. Our technicians stock most of the semiconductors, capacitors, potentiometers, push buttons, connectors, portals, and displays for the Keysight analyzers.Keysight Signal Generator Repair Services | Keysight Repair Services

Our repair department have repaired Keystone data and signal analyzers when they were Agilent. Our repair experience with signal analyzers spans over thirty years. Our parts department stock every part possible, current and obsolete because we know the cost of the analyzers to the customer. Every effort is made to keep these units functionality as accurate as possible and maintaining preventive maintenance when the analyzer is in for repair. We are the only repair company that we know of that takes the initiative to do so.

Keysight Infiniivision Oscilloscope Repair Services | Keysight Oscilloscope Repair

Keysight oscilloscope repair consists of first a thorough evaluation of the entire oscilloscope starting at loading the power supply down and testing for ripple, then testing the logic board, moving on to the signal boards testing for functionality and accuracy, finally testing communication and bit error testing. Once the oscilloscope is evaluated thoroughly it is quoted and usually approved with a fair cost. The oscilloscope is then repaired and again preventive maintenance is performed then the oscilloscope is fully tested for functionality and accuracy. Finally NIST calibration is performed for ISO-9000 compliance.