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Instrument and Meter Repair

Instrument and Meter Repair



dielectric test set repair for all tettex dielectric test set models including tettex 2830/2831, haefely-hipotronics, megger and more

Quality, Reliable Instrument and Meter Repair and Calibration Service

We provide Quality and Reliable instrument and meter repair service for many, many manufacturers, including all Biddle Instruments aLecroy Oscilloscope repair and calibration for all LeCroy Oscilloscopes including Lecroy Waverunner repair and calibration.nd Megger test equipment. From Calibration to Meter High Voltage Tester Rebuilds. We have the experience, knowledge, and test/calibration procedures to repair many, many manufacturers and all AVO Megger Tettex Test Instruments.



anritsu base station repair OR, WA, CA, LA, ME, WI, MI, NV, SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES, TX, UT, WY, MT, MO, FL, SC, NC, AK,





We offer instrument and meter repair and  calibrations  for many  instruments such as:

  •  Appliance Test Equipment
  •  Battery Maintenance
  •  Battery Test Equipment
  •  Building Wiring
  •  Cable Fault Locating Equipment
  •  Cable Locators / Route Tracers
  •  CATV Telephony
  •  Circuit Breaker Test Equipment
  •  Data Communications
  •  DC HiPot Testers
  •  High Potential
  •  DETEX
  •  Fault location
  •  Ground Resistance Test Equipment
  •  Insulation Test Equipment
  •  Insulation Test Equipment (1 kV)
  •  Insulation Test Equipment (5 and 10 kV)
  •  LANCertification Testers
  •  Low Resistance Ohmmeter Test Equipment
  •  DLRO
  •  Motor and Generator Test Equipment
  •  Multimeters
  •  Clampmeters
  •  Oil Test Equipment
  •  Phase and rotation measurement
  •  Power Factor Test Equipment
  •  Power MultiMeter
  •  Power Quality Equipment
  •  Production Line AC High Pots
  •  Recloser Test Equipment
  •  Relay Test Equipment
  •  Safety Equipment – DETEX
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Tool Testing Equipment
  •  Transformer Test Equipment
  •  Electrical Test Equipment
  • Watthour Meter Test Equipment

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 Biddle 212159 repair
 Biddle Megger 212359 repair
 Biddle 212459 repair
 Biddle 230315 repair service
 Biddle 230415 repair
 230425 hi-pot tester repair
 Biddle BM11 repair













































































































































Biddle Megger  Biddle Instrument          Biddle Instrument

Biddle Megger  15572-1 Megger repair Megger           CHARGER Biddle Megger repair

Biddle Megger  1697540 Biddle repair  MEGGER megger repair

Biddle Megger  1750720          MEGGER

Biddle Megger  1850347          MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210159            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210170            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210200            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210400            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210415            MEG-OHM METER

Biddle Megger  210600            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210601            BMD3 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210800            BM100 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210800-2         BM100-2 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210800-3         BM100 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210801            BM101 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210801-2         BM101-2 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210801-3         BM101-3 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210802-2         BM102-2 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  210900            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21154  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21158  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21159  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21160  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21170  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21172  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21182  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  212159            MJ10 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  MJ159 MJ10 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  212160            MJ456 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  212359            MJ460 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  212459            BM12 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  212480            BM14 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  212481            MJ20 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  212559            MJ537 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21259  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21359  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21804  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21805  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21805-1           MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21805-2           MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21805-3           MEGGER

Biddle Megger  21822  BM7 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  218638            SERIES 1 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  218639            SERIES 1 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  218640            SERIES 1 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  218650            BM11 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  220005            TEST SET

Biddle Megger  220015            TEST SET

Biddle Megger  230405-2         HI POT TESTER

Biddle Megger  230425            HI POT TESTER

Biddle Megger  247000            OHMMETER

Biddle Megger  247000-3         OHMMETER

Biddle Megger  247000/15572-1          OHMMETER CHARGER

Biddle Megger  247001            OHMMETER

Biddle Megger  247002            DIGITAL LOW RESISTANCE METER

Biddle Megger  247100            OHMMETER

Biddle Megger  250202            DET2/2 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  250220            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  250241            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  250260            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  250500            DET5/B MEGGER

Biddle Megger  250502            DET5/2 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  278000            CLAMP-ON METER

Biddle Megger  278001            CLAMP METER REPAIR

Biddle Megger  278002            CLAMP METER REPAIR

Biddle Megger  278003            CLAMP METER REPAIR

Biddle Megger  359970            TACHOMETER REPAIR

Biddle Megger  359970-1         TACHOMETER REPAIR

Biddle Megger  359980            TACHOMETER REPAIR

Biddle Megger  359981            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  359982            TACHOMETER

Biddle Megger  400728            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  560060            ROTATION TESTER

Biddle Megger  560400            ROTATION TESTER

Biddle Megger  63220  EARTH TESTER

Biddle Megger  651027-1         IMPULSE GEN

Biddle Megger  651028            IMPULSE GEN

Biddle Megger  651401            IMPULSE GEN

Biddle Megger  651403            IMPULSE GEN

Biddle Megger  656601            CABLE TRACER

Biddle Megger  690326            INSULATION TEST

Biddle Megger  70143  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  70151  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  70154  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  70158  MEGGER

Biddle Megger  720350            CALIBRATOR REPAIR

Biddle Megger  720350-1         CALIBRATOR REPAIR

Biddle Megger  720350-1H      CALIBRATOR REPAIR

Biddle Megger  720350-2         CALIBRATOR REPAIR

Biddle Megger  720350-2R      CALIBRATOR REPAIR

Biddle Megger  720360            CALIBRATOR REPAIR

Biddle Megger  720360-1         CALIBRATOR REPAIR

Biddle Megger  720360-2         CALIBRATOR REPAIR

Biddle Megger  720390            CALIBRATOR REPAIR

Biddle Megger  72439  KELVIN BRIDGE

Biddle Megger  7676    MEGGER

Biddle Megger  7676-1 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  916753            MEGGER

Biddle Megger  9970    TACHOMETER

Biddle Megger  B1109091        MEGGER

Biddle Megger  BM100/3         MEGGER

Biddle Megger  BM100/4         MEGGER

Biddle Megger  BM400/2         MEGGER

Biddle Megger  BST-10            EPOCH 10 METER

Biddle Megger  CR20709         HI POT TESTER

Biddle Megger  MJ159 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  MJ359 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  MJ459 MEGGER

Biddle Megger  MJ559 MEGGER

























The older and discontinued Biddle Megger Meters are available for Biddle Megger repair service and Biddle Megger calibration services for such Megger Test Instruments as Megger BM25, Megger BM11, Megger BM11D, Megger BM21, Megger Meg10-01, Megger 218650, Megger DET3/2, Megger DET5/4D, Megger DET5/4R, Megger DET62D, Megger LT300 series, Megger LT3, Megger LT7, Megger LT5, Megger LT310, Megger LT320, Megger LT330, Megger M7027, Megger PAT32, Megger SCT fiber optic tester, Megger 218621, Megger 218651, Megger BMM80, Megger OTS60PB, Biddle 72-6349, Biddle 72-6340, Biddle 72-6346-1, Biddle 71-631, Bidle 71-650, Biddle 72-4330-6, Megger 246052 Hydrometer, Megger 250202 ground tester, Megger 247000-47 DLRO, Megger 247000-NIST, Megger 247001-11, Megger 359986 Tachometer, Megger 655603, Megger BM50, Megger BM21, Megger BM122, Megger BM121, Megger BM221, Megger BM222, Megger BM223, Megger BM400, Megger BM412, Megger BM432, Megger BM802, Megger BM812, Megger BMM2000, Megger BMM200010, Megger BMM2080, Megger BMM2500, Megger BMM503, Megger BMM80, Megger BT51240, Megger BVA70, Megger CFL800E, Megger CWT150, Megger CXT100, Megger DET10C, Megger DET20C, Megger Delta, Megger DCM100P, Megger DCM104R, Megger DCM2033, Megger DCM2039, Megger DCM204R, Megger DET32, Megger DET3TA, Megger DET4TC, Megger DET4TCR, Megger DET4TD, Megger Meg1001, Megger MPM2000H, Megger MS2, Megger LWT315, Megger LWT325, Megger LWT335, Megger LWT425, Megger MIT410TC, Megger MIT430TC, Megger LCR121, Megger MLS1000, Megger MLS635, Megger MIT520 and all other AVO Biddle Megger obsolete and discontinued Megger Instrument Meter Testers.

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We offer field service for repair of flow meter's, CNC machines, variable frequency drive's, industrial motors, servo drive's and servo motors, process control's and more...

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