Fluke Versiv Cable Tester RepairFluke Networks Versiv Meter Repair

Fluke DSX Meter Repair

Fluke DSX-5000, Fluke DSX-8000 Meter Repair

Allen Industries repair and calibrate Fluke DSX series meters including the DSX-5000 and DSX-8000 cable analyzers. We stock most parts to help expedite Fluke repairs to get you back to testing and certifying networks. If you are in need of repair or calibration please fill out our easy to use Quick Quote Form and one of our friendly associates will respond as soon as possible.

Fluke CertiFiber Pro Repair

Fluke CertiFiber Pro Analyzer Repair

Fluke CertiFiber Pro series meters are an asset for any large fiber optic network. Allen Industries technicians understand the importance of an accurate test instrument because they work with Fluke network meters on a daily basis. They not only repair the Fluke CertiFiber Pro meters, they use them in the field as well. If you would like your Fluke CertiFiber Pro meter repaired please fill out our Quick Quote Form to begin the process.

Fluke OptiFiber Pro OTDR Repair

Fluke Networks Optifiber Pro OTDR RepairFluke Networks Optifiber Pro OTDR repair service consist of touch screen repair, cracked display repair, function buttons repair, power failure repair, corroded battery terminal repair, diagnostics errors repair, and surface mount semiconductor repair. Basically just about any problem can be repaired by our technical staff including annual calibration service.

Fluke FI-7000 FiberInspector Pro Repair Services

Fluke- FI-7000 FiberInspector Pro repairAllen Industries understands fiber certification is important our technicians have formulated the most stringent testing parameters to eliminate testing errors or erroneous readings. The meter and probe are tested separately and then once passed 100% both are tested together for a 100% reading. Most parts are in stock to get you back to using your meter.