EXFO Network Analyzer Repair ServicesEXFO Meter Repair Services


EXFO Network Anayzer Repair Services

Allen Industries provides repair services for EXFO network testers including NIST calibration. Our technicians have been fully trained to inspect network testers and repair the testers down to each surface mount component, test all functions of the EXFO network tester, and load test before optional calibration. If you would like to start the process please feel free to fill out Quick Quote Form to the right and we will be glad to respond promptly.


Analyzer Repair ServiceEXFO OTDR Analyzer Repair

EXFO OTDR analyzer repair services are always performed by Allen Industries technicians and never outsourced. Be sure to ask any repair center if they outsource their repairs before sending a repair in. Allen Industries repair EXFO OTDR analyzers for other repair companies and that is why we know this. Outsourcing costs more for the customer and more time the customer goes without their analyzer.

EXFO Ethernet Analyzer Repair


EXFO Ethernet Tester Repair

EXFO products are by far most widely used by CSP’s worldwide and EXFO Ethernet Analyzers are no exception. Allen Industries has the capability to repair screen damage, touchscreen damage, portal damage, communication error damage and power failure. If your analyzer(s) is in need of repair and/or calibration please do not hesitate to fill out our Quick Quote Form for a fast response