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Even though the BM25 Biddle meter has been discontinued, we still continue to provide quality and reliable repair service for the BM25 Biddle 5 kV insulation tester. In fact, we continue to provide experienced Biddle meter repair service for ALL Biddle meter instruments, discontinued as well as the current Biddle test equipment when problems arise or calibration service is required.

Our experienced Meter repair technicians continue providing fast turnaround and quality repair services for the BM25 Biddle insulation tester and many other manufacturers meters and instruments test equipment. To get more Megger BM25 repair information or Megger BM25 calibration information, Simply fill out our QUICK QUOTE form to continue the repair process.

Besides for BM25 meter repair, we also provide Meter repair for All current and All of the Obsolete Meter testers and Biddle instruments, including, but not limited to:

Watthour Test Equipment

Battery Test Equipment

Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Power Factor Test Equipment

Transformer Test Equipment

Insulation Resistance Tester

Power Quality Test Equipment

Hipot Test Equipment


Continuity Tester

Cable Height Meter

Cable Locator

Route Tracer


Portable Appliance Tester

Ground Resistance Tester

Voltage Detector

Transformer Detector

DC Test Set

If you would like Meter repair service, or Meter calibration service, Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and a customer service specialist will be in touch with you shortly.




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Megger 247000 247000 Dual-Pak 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 247001 247001 Single-Pak 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 247002 247002 Single-Pak/Low Range 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 247000-11 247000-11 Dual-Pak 10 Amp DLRO; input voltage protection

Megger 247000-3-11 247000-3-11 Dual-Pak 10 Amp DLRO; input voltage protection

Megger 247001-11 247001-11 Single-Pak 10 Amp DLRO; input voltage protection

Megger 247001-3 247001-3 Single-Pak 10 Amp DLRO; 100 A adapator plug

Megger 247002-11 247002-11 Single-Pak/Low Range 10 Amp DLRO; input voltage protection

Megger 6410-979 Megger BT51/120 Milli-ohmmeter

Megger 6111-428 Megger DLRO10 Enhanced Features 10 Amp DLRO

Megger 6111-429 Megger DLRO10X Enhanced Features 10 Amp DLRO with Data Storage/Downloading

Megger 1000-348 Megger DLRO10HD Enhanced Features 10 Amp DLRO

Megger BD-59090 Megger BD-59090 Megger MOM2 + Probes

Megger BD-59092 Megger BD-59092 Megger MOM2 + Clamps

Megger DLRO200-EN DLRO200-EN 200 Amp DLRO

Megger DLRO200-115 DLRO200-115 200 Amp DLRO – Smoothed Output

Megger MOM2