Barfield Tester RepairBarfield Ground Support Test Equipment Repair

Barfield Pitot Tester Repair

Barfield Pitot Tester Repair

Barfield Pitot Testers are a leading provider of Pitot Testers and Allen Industries stocks most Barfield parts to expedite the repair time for our customers. Our technicians repair touch screens for both the remote and the main analyzer. Also common problems as physical damage, power failure, erroneous readings and other diagnostic errors can be repaired all in our repair facility.

Barfield RVSM Air Data tester repair

Barfield RVSM Air Data tester repairBarfield RVSM Air Data test sets are the industry standard for top airlines worldwide and the major airline manufacturers as well. A very trusted analyzer and our technicians are very familiar with all revisions of the meters during the progress and innovation process throughout the years, even legacy analyzers. If you are in need of quality service please fill out the Quick Quote Form and we will gladly respond as fast as possible.

Barfield Turbine Temperature tester repair

Barfield turbine temperature tester repairAllen Industries not only repair Barfield meters and other aviation equipment, our technicians are also proficient in NIST / ISO calibration services meaning our quality control consists of voltage tolerances down to less than .4 millivolts. This tolerance is far stricter than any manufacturer in the world. Why? We have honed our skills in the electronics business to prove our technicians and engineers skills are never complacent.

Barfield Fuel quantity tester repair services

Barfield Fuel quantity tester repair services consist of complete tear down because of contamination that is a product of the industry. Once contaminant free the evaluation process begins with Barfield certified technicians continuing the process from the beginning process of basic meter repair down to hard core 172 SMD replacement