Industrial Electronics Repair
Industrial Electronics Repair

AVO, Biddle Instruments, Multi Amp, Megger Instruments

AVO, Biddle Instruments, Multi Amp, Megger InstrumentsAVO, Biddle, Megger, Multi-Amp

Finally all of these names are under the same name Megger. If there is any confusion of where to repair or calibrate or even purchase new products… This is why we have this post. We receive a large amount of emails with customers that do not understand where to take their meter for repair or calibration or even where to go to replace the meter they have. This why I am starting this post. I have a feeling it will go a long way in the future given so many questions already.

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  1. Do you offer repair and calibration for Multi-Amp? With all of the name changes I need a repair facility to repair our Multi Amp testers.

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