Industrial Electronics Repair
Industrial Electronics Repair

SCT2000 | SCT1500 Fluke Meter Repair

 Structure Cable Tester SCT Series sct2000 sct1500 Repair, Cable Analyzer Repair

 Repair and Calibration for many manufacturers cable analyzer, structured cable testers, and Test Instruments. We service both current and discontinued test equipment.

For a  cable analyzer repair, cable tester repair, SCT2000, SCT1500, Fluke DTX series, or any other SCT series  repair or calibration quotation, Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and a customer service specialist will be in touch with you shortly for repair or calibration information.








Contact us for your cable analyzer repair or calibration,  Structured Cable Tester Repair or Calibration Service on any current  meter or discontinued test instruments and meters.





























































































































































































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Megger SCT1500 Repair         SCT1500         Structured Cabling Tester

Megger SCT2000 Repair         SCT2000         Structured Cabling Tester

Megger 6111-766 Repair         SCT-MMA      Multimode Fiber Adapters (set of 2)

Megger 6111-765 Repair         SCT-SMA       Singlemode Fiber Adapters (set of 2)

Megger 1001-711 Repair         SCT + MMA +SMA   SCT2000 + MultiMode + Single Mode Kits

Megger 1001-712 Repair         SCT + MMA   SCT2000 + MultiMode Kit

Megger 1001-713 Repair         SCT+SMA      SCT2000 + Single Mode Kit

Megger 250260           Megger 250260          

Megger 1000-761        Megger DET14C        

         Megger 1000-762        Megger DET24C        

Megger DET3TD         Megger DET3TD        

Megger DET3TC         Megger DET3TC        

Megger 1000-347        Megger DET4TD2      

Megger 1000-324        Megger DET4TR2      

Megger 1000-345        Megger DET4TC2      

Megger 1000-346        DET4TCR2     4-Terminal Digital Ground

Megger 1000-365        Megger DET4TC2+Clamps     DET4TC2

Megger 1000-366        Megger DET4TCR2+Clamps   DET4TCR2

Megger 1000-404        Megger DET4TC2+Kit            DET4TC2+Clamps

Megger 1000-405        Megger DET4TCR2+Kit          DET4TCR2+

Megger 6410-593        Megger 250202           DET2/2 4-Terminal High Sensitivity Digital Ground Tester

Field Service

We offer field service for repair of flow meter's, CNC machines, variable frequency drive's, industrial motors, servo drive's and servo motors, process control's and more...

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