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Industrial Electronics Repair

MIT520 Megger Insulation Tester Repair

Megger MIT520 Repairmegger-mit-520-repair

Although the MIT520 has been discontinued, we continue to provide quality MIT520 5 kV Insulation Resistance Tester Repair service and MIT520 calibration service. Our trained and experienced MIT520 repair specialist repair the obsolete and discontinued Biddle meters, as well as provide quality repairs  and calibration for All the Biddle test equipment. We continue to provide our customers exceptional Blue Seal Certified Allen Industries repair services!

For more Megger MIT520 repair information or Megger MIT520 calibration information, please fill out the  QUICK QUOTE FORM and our MEGGER meter repair specialists will get back with you shortly. ** Usually within one Hour!



Besides for MIT520 repair, we also provide meter repair for many manufacturers  current and Obsolete  testers and instruments, including, but not limited to:

Watthour Test Equipment

Battery Test Equipment

Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Power Factor Test Equipment

Transformer Test Equipment

Insulation Resistance Tester

Power Quality Test Equipment

Hipot Test Equipment

Fault Location Detector


Continuity Tester

Cable Height Meter

Cable Locator

Route Tracer


Portable Appliance Tester

Ground Resistance Tester

Voltage Detector

Transformer Detector

DC Test Set


For more MIT520 repair information or MIT520 calibration information, please fill out the quick quote fields and our  meter repair specialists will get back with you shortly.





































































































































































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 Megger 6111-204        OTS60PB Repair         Automatic 60 kV Oil Test Set

Megger 6410-857        OTS60SX Repair         Semi-Auto 60 kV Oil Test Set

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